54" In-ground Basketball Hoop

Item No.: SLI002
Mount this 54inch basketball hoop for hoops fun any time of day!


Manufactured using steel, the basketball hoop is resistant to corrosion, rust and weathering. It is built into the ground for a permanent and sturdy placement.

The basketball hoop can be used for gyms, yards and public parks practice. You can develop basketball hobby with your friends anytime. The basketball hoop is the best gift for children, friends and family, giving them a strong physique.



Backboard size: 54"X33"

8mm square tempered glass backboard with aluminum trim

Two sections inserted column

Detachable handle

7.5' to 10' height adjustment

Offset: 0.5'

Crank-type lifting mechanism

Diameter 16mm solid column basket ring

Designed for outdoor residential play

Backed by Sportsoul's Warranty


Home Economic Basketball Hoop
54" Width Backboard
Solid Steel Economical-Style Flex Rim
Main tube: column F100X2.5, upper and lower arm tube J25x50x1.5/ J30x60x2, basket frame: J25x40x1.5
The column for two sections plug, adjustable height of the basketball hoop 7.5'-10' (adjustment range: 0.5')
The basket ring is D16 solid column
Foot D12 axis, hot dip galvanized treatment
Basket size: 54 "x33"; basket 8mm thick tempered glass basket board, aluminum edge strip on, basket with screen printing
Standard parts galvanized
Carton according to the ordinary yellow board heaven and earth cover box

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